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Hut “Belle Isle" certified by SECOMAT, the accredited by the Departmental Directorate of Territory and Sea.

On the way to Brittany, near Normandy, there are 4 tree houses waiting for you in the middle of 60-hectare lush nature. Come spend an unusual night under the stars! What's better than spending a weekend in the trees with your family or partner, experiencing lovely moments? Feel the rhythm of nature and choose between 6 to 9-meter high perched tree houses or houses on water for an unforgettable night on the waves.

La Cabane en l'air - Propriétaire

Flavie and François-Nicolas Dubel welcome you in La Baconniere (Mayene-53).

The variety of landscape over here always amazes nature lovers. A treasure hunt can help them to discover the nature’s secrets and lead them to their tree house.
Our warm welcome and the zen atmosphere will definitely satisfy you.

Good to know

Open: March 12, 2016 - Oct. 31, 2016

Our Tree Houses :
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  • 1 1 floating cabin
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discover all available huts (6 huts)

  • Max. Capacity (people): 2
  • Height (meters): 8
  • Min. Age (years): 6
  • Access : Stair
  • Max. Capacity (people): 2
  • Height (meters): 9
  • Min. Age (years): 14
  • Access : Bridge
  • Max. Capacity (people): 3
  • Height (meters): 5
  • Min. Age (years): 8
  • Access : Ladder
  • Max. Capacity (people): 3
  • Height (meters): 15
  • Min. Age (years): 6
  • Access : Stair
  • Max. Capacity (people): 4
  • Height (meters): 6
  • Min. Age (years): 6
  • Access : Stair
  • Max. Capacity (people): 3
  • Height (meters): 0
  • Min. Age (years): 12
  • Access : Dock


On site activities :

Sports activities :
You will find at your disposal small boats to roam across the water, setting up to play table tennis and also a great choice of hiking paths.

Concerning nearby activities :

Sports activities
- Not far away from the property, you might be tempted by activities such as golf, mini-golf, horse riding or even karting!

Cultural activities:
- If you are willing to combine both leisure and culture, close by the property you can visit several museums between 6 and 20 km away such as le Musée Jean Chouan, le Musée du Château de Mayenne, le Musée d’art naïf Douanier Rousseau and also the biggest Musée du monde laitier.
- Plunge into medieval atmospheres by visiting famous catles such as le Château de Laval, le Château de Fougères, le Château de Mayenne and also le Château de Vitré
- You also have the opportunity to discover churches, cathedrals and basilicas notably close to Laval (16 km distance), in Mayenne (20 km distance), l’Abbaye de Clairmont (10 km distance), l’Abbaye de la Coudre (16km distance) and finally the Basilique d’Evron (35 km distance).

Nature break:
- Take a moment to relaw within several yards between 5 and 30 km away from the property. We suggest you le Jardin des Renaudies, le Jardin de la Perrine, le Jardin du Château de Clivoy, le Jardin du Bout du Monde and le Jardin des méditations.
- For the most curious ones, you might like to visit les Grottes de Saulges, les Thermes Romains de Jublains, and you also have the opportunity to sail on the Mayenne only 25 km away from the property.

- to tickle you taste buds, we invite you to discover some restaurants close to the domain such as La Forge (gastronomic), Aux bons voyageurs, Au grand cerf (gastronomic), Le Salvert (gastronomic) and La Jamelinière (crêperie).