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The treehouse "Korrigans" can accomodate 2 adults, or 1 adult with 1 child at least 12-years-old. Built on a old oak tree, this treehouse is a true observatory of nature. Perched at 9 meters above the ground, accessing it is already an adventure : ladder, platform, suspended footbridge. Bedroom and terrace of 12m² each. Ready for a moment of happiness!
Nature and comfort
Without water or electricity. Dry toilets. Water source.
Ladder, monkey bridge and a footbridge.
Your arrival
You'll walk on a bridle path to the Korrigans path which will lead you to the old mill and takes you straight to the hollow oak. There you'll go up a ladder, cross a monkey bridge and finally walk on the footbridge.


Price Details

Prices from 125.00€ for the hut


Panier apéro champagne (45.00€ including VAT)
Panier apéritif, grande bouteille de champagne et accompagnements à grignotter.
Panier apéritif vin bio (blanc ou rouge) (30.00€ including VAT)
Panier apéritif, grande bouteille de vin et accompagnements à grignotter.
Panier apéritif cidre bio (20.00€ including VAT)
Panier apéritif, grande bouteille de cidre bio et accompagnements à grignotter.

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Arrival details:

Arrivals take place between 6PM and 7PM and departures should take place at 11Am the following day.


You will dispose of a double bed equipped with linens.

Practical information:

Perched on an old oak tree, you will climb easily to the treehouse. Whaterver the weather forecast says, you will be rocked by the noise of the wind, you will hace your head in the stars and be woken by the nice songs of the birds...


The Manor will provide a backpack containing a bottle of water and flashlights. You have to bring a charged cellphone. Bring flat and flexible shoes, two sleeping bags or quilts. Those are the only things you need, we take care of the rest!


Prices include breakfast.


On the terrace you will dispose of a chair, a table, a deckchair, candles, shelfs and a coat rack.


Distance treehouse / parking
100 meters


Concerning furnitures, you will dispose of: - A coffee table - An armchair - A mirror - A dressing table - A coat rack - Bedside tables - Dry toilets

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